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“Ian’s fine art conceptual storytelling style is unique and powerful. He sees beauty, depth, and quality in the things of the past.
His work tells stories of yesteryear, showcasing the beauty of the golden years.”
– Scott Kelby

“As a former F/X guy (I did all the high voltage effects on Mel Brooks “Young Frankenstine” on Broadway + 20 years in Hollywood) I can say that You NAILED this set and lighting. Even a still image is fascinating! Fantastic work!” – Jeff Parisse


Artwork available to buy

Like the look of our images? A number of images are available as limited edition pieces of art. Our store will be online soon, in the meantime please contact us for further information and availability.

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Ian Munro YouTube Channel

Exclusive video content of Ian and his team behind the scenes. Here you can see how the idea’s become reality from behind the camera to the scene set up and the final image.


The Kelby Connection

Scott Kelby is a world-renowned photographer and leads the field in Photoshop and Lightroom editing. Ian had the pleasure of being chosen by Scott to display his work in a gallery in Florida, USA.

Ian Munro Storytelling Photographer

“[My] feeling of being born one hundred years too late seems to be not such an outlandish thing to think. Maybe this is why I see beauty, depth and quality in the things of the past”
Thus, much of my work has a “yesteryear” style creating stories, showcasing the beauty of the “golden years”.

Growing up in the South Wales Valleys, UK, I never considered studying the arts. Although there had once been some interest in pencil and pastels, I jumped straight into the real world from education.

In 2008, my artistic side sparked during a trip to Nepal and the Himalayas. From there on I enjoyed a spell of photography especially landscapes but, underlying was this was my passion to create images from within. In 2011, I decided to search for studio space and, in 2016, I co-founded Skint Creative Studio.

My fine art, conceptual storytelling style is unique and powerful and my influences are from artists René Magritte and Teun Hocks. I believe that the world today, with all of its technology and mass production, is too fast and disposable.

People often want to just move on to the next bigger and better thing, without stopping by to enjoy the now.


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