Ian Munro Photography | The Irony Of Ironing
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The Irony Of Ironing

The Irony Of Ironing


20 November

About This Project

Location: Abandoned hospital, Mid Wales UK.

We arrived with nothing in mind to shoot but more or less a rec. for another time. I was hopeful of some Journeyman images of myself but took a friend along anyway.

When we arrived here we managed to get into the building and even into the admin and general offices. I was amazed to find such a grand room with only an ironing board and a chair inside.

We came up with the concept by thinking how funny it would be for my friend to iron “my” trousers without any of his “own” trousers. We then cam across the problem of no actual iron! This is where I directed him to pose to the rear and improvise this situation and it worked well.

You will notice that I have added another picture on the wall.

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